Watch Full length TV Shows and Movies online : Picrap

Picrap is an online service which allows you to watch full length movies, popular TV shows like bones, lost etc right on your computer anytime you want. In fact Picrap has aggregated content for 1000 TV shows which can be watched anytime on the go even without signing up with them.

Picrap TV Shows
Picrap TV Shows

Picrap also has a TV guide available which will help you in finding exactly where it is going to be show, so if you want to watch it on your real TV you can note it down.

Now if you are wondering why waste so much of bandwidth here are few more reasons for you :

  • Find Top TV Shows.
  • Latest Movie reviews and trailers .
  • To Night on TV is best which les you track and help in plan your day.
  • There is a Feed and Twitter handle also available.

So even if you do not want to watch it online these are pretty strong features which you can use it to track your tv shows and upcoming movies. Give Picrap a try


  1. Wow Really Nice Site. Thanx Ashish. I like the features of the site. and i bookmark it. And One think i like most..Its very easy.

  2. nice thanx man! really easy to watch shows and specially i like the movies page, because watch trailer on youtube is fuc*ing i can watch big HD Trailers thanx again picrap.

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