Watch videos online, while working with other applications

If you are one of those people who love watching videos online, this is something awesome for you. Double Vision is a Web browser, which has the capability to play videos from in a transparent mode.

While watching a video in transparent (i.e. Double Vision) mode you can actually interact with the other program running in Background.

This can be better visualize this way, imagine a video being played as a Wallpaper on your Desktop, hope you got me by now.

Working with Double Vision Browser is almost same as for any other browser; however some more controls are there, as shown below.

Once in Double Vision Mode, you lose the control over the video Window, to get it back you can either ‘Close’ it as shown in the upper left corner of first snapshot, or to get an temporary access (like if you want to click on the seek bar of video), you can go for ‘Ctrl+Alt’ key combination.

In the same way, ‘Ctrl+ESC’ can be used to hide the Video Window.

So go ahead and Download the Double Vision for you, and now onwards, work and watch online Videos simultaneously.

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Download Double Vison


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