Watch your Webcam at home from anywhere

Turning your webcam  into a surveillance device so you can watch whats going on in your room or wherever the webcam is set, is an excellent thought specially if you can watch it from anywhere. Below is a list of such software and online utilities that help you do so.

My Camera Link

MyCameraLink is one such online utility which turns your webcam into a security guard by giving you a link to watch your video live and password protect it so nobody else can see it. It also sends email notification when a motion is detected before the webcam which makes sure you get notified even if you are not watching.

How to Setup Webcam with MyCamera Link :

  • Go to and click “Okay Let me see” link.
  • Next you need to give the site permission to use your webcam, say yes.
  • This will start live streaming of your camera for which you get a unique URL.
  • This URL can be password protected
  • You can turn on Motion Detection.

Watch your Webcam from Anywhere

I tried watching this on iPad and it worked once I entered the correct password. Try it yourself at


Watch my webcam on iPad


This is yet another software that can check for motion Detection and do live Video Streaming. Additional advantages you get is

  • FTP Upload support for captured images.
  • Password Protection.
  • Start capturing as soon as you start your pc.
  • Live Streaming.

Yawcam Scheduler

We discussed this software in our Webcam Software List, you can download it from here.

My Webcam  Broadcaster :

This application works both on Mac and PC and comes with added support for watching your home webcam on your mobile phone if you buy the app for your mobile.

Setting it up is easy, once your software installation is complete.

  • Register with an email account.
  • Give a name for your broadcast
  • Choose your camera, you can even choose a false camera software here !!
  • You will need to add this to firewall when prompted.
  • If you have multiple camera, you can add all of them

MyWebcam Broadcaster

  • Now you need to got and find your camera according to channel name. In case you have password protected it, you will be prompted for it. Check it out here

We will keep updating this list so make sure you bookmark it and dont forget to check out our Webcam Software List,


  1. MyCameraLink is great. I like the idea of providing a service where you don’t even need to register and no annoying software needs to be installed. I use it to watch my dogs at home simply from my phone.

  2. WebCam Monitor will work better for you. This motion detection software supports up to 4 webcams simultaneously. Every feature you can think of, motion detection, continuous recording, periodic snapshots, email alerts, and more are easily configured. Easily configured to broadcast video too.


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