Ways to make your Android phone look like the Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is the current buzz,  people are talking a lot, specially with the Mango Update,  I have seen several of my friends planning to get a Windows Phone 7 as soon as it launches officially in India.

Many of Android fan boys might not like this idea of mimicking the Android Phone as Windows Phone 7, but it’s just about experiencing the Metro style of Windows Phone 7, and if you are in for it, here are some applications, which will privilege you with the look and feel of Windows Phone 7 on your Android without changing your phone. Consider theme like Windows Phone 7 Theme for Android.

These Android apps are actually the launchers which help you to get the windows Phone 7 like interface, here goes the list –

Launcher 7

This is one of the apps which let you have a Windows Phone 7 like interface, basically a Launcher. It comes with loads of possible customization, first let’s have a look at the snapshots, and see what enhancements in looks it does to your Android.

Make your Android phone look like Windows Phone 7

You can customize –

  • Color of the tiles on the home screen, like here it shows the default green colored tiles, you choose any color as tile color for you.
  • You can add tiles for any app that you want on the home screen.
  • You can choose the type of animation for the tiles, i.e. when you tap a tile, e.g. you tap on the tile which reads ‘Phone’ the phone dialing interface will be launched, before this process, how the other tiles disappear, either they fade out, or they fly off, this can be decided by choosing the Animation type under Layout Animation. There are couples of other customization options; you can find them under the ‘Launcher 7 Settings’. Settings page is shown in the above snapshot, last part.

For reaching to your list of application, you have to use the right-arrow like button shown in first part of the snapshot. As mentioned earlier as well, this is a proper launcher.

Install Launcher 7 from the Android Market

Metro UI Lite

This one now is again a proper Launcher, however using this one needs some customization before you start using it. As soon as you install it on your Android Phone, you will have to select it as your default launcher, later you don’t see the tiles immediately, you will have to go to your app list, and select the app you want on your home screen (long tap on the app), and soon you will come across an interface which will allow you to do the work around before you use it as a tile on home screen.

Mimic Windows Phone 7 like interface on your Android free Android app

Metro UI Lite, isn’t as user friendly as Launcher 7. Launcher 7 comes with live tiles, whereas here in case of Metro UI Lite, you need to start the customization right from the scratch, however if you look for loads of customization, this will suit you better.

You can read more and install Metro UI Lite from the Android Market

WP7 Launcher Lite

Another full featured launcher, comes with customization options, however there are limitations, like you can’t have more than six tiles on the home screen, neither can you add tiles icon themes, this app crashes when installed on my Motorola Milestone, so in order to read more and try installing on your device, you can visit the WP7 Launcher Lite page in the Android Market.

Windows Phone Android Lite

This too is an launcher, and as the app page itself says, it is not working on some Samsung and Motorola devices, and same is the case with my Motorola Milestone, in order to read more and try your luck, if it works on your Android Phone, visit the app page in the Android Market.

aPhone7 3D

This one isn’t a proper launcher; this application is just an app which when launched, it allows you to have a look at the Windows Phone 7 like interface on your system. Install it, now you can find it in your list of installed apps, tap to launch this app, and it soon will start, and you will come across a Windows Phone 7 like interface, and the arrow button allows you to have a look at the generic apps, you don’t see any manually installed apps here in the list, just a handful of apps, like SMS, Browser, Mail, etc. here you also find some options to change the colors of tiles. Here is a snapshot.

Free Android app to have a look of Windows Phone 7 like interface on Android

Install aPhone7 3D from the Android Market

Overall, the Launcher 7 seems to be the best one when it comes to trying  Windows Phone 7 like interface on your device. Go ahead and try the one, also don’t forget to share your views about your favorite one with us via comments.

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