We Transfer : Changing Beautiful background gets file from A to B

Sending Large file is like so 2008 but We Transfer got a twist and its interesting on how this large file sending service makes money. Once you select the file and add who will receive it the file starts uploading and the background image of the service also changes every few seconds.

we transfer

According to their FAQ :

Do you see those beautiful backgrounds on the WeTransfer.com website? They are a kind of advertisement, a brand incentive for companies. This pays for the costs of providing the service. If you are interested in having your corporate background there as well, please contact us at [email protected]

We transfer branding

So the more you upload, more they make and your file get transferred from A to B as you watch the wallpaper changing :). Good Business ? You bet!!


  1. Another favorite option is File Apartment ). Easy to use, fast, no software to download or registration, up to 1 GB, free option, safe, and secure.

  2. Try Binfer. You can drag and drop hundreds of files. It can transfers very large files directly from yours to your contacts computer, with auto resumes and encryption. It has saved me lots of time. The site is http://www.binfer.com


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