What $1 Million Pennies Look Like (Holocaust Memorial)

If you think you had seen a lot of money, then beat this one. A one million dollar in pennies is at Jewish Community Center as part of a Holocaust memorial project. The size of the box is close to a refrigerator and weighs 2.3 Tons.

One Million Pennies

If you aren’t aware, in a sad event during World War 2, 6 Million Jews were killed, including children in Europe, and it includes the count of one and one half million children on September 1, 1939.

It was built in memory of lost souls of the Jewish community and spanned over 200,000 sq ft with 2,711 concrete slabs. It holds the names of approximately 3 million Jewish Holocaust victims, obtained from the Israeli museum Yad Vashem.


  1. They just glued a few thousand pennies to the inside of the glass. Notice how each penny is face to the glass. The display is hollow.

  2. So, Ashish, exactly how many pennies are in this acrylic box? 1 million actual pennies which would amount to $10,000 in value. Or does each box contain 100 million actual pennies equaling $1 million in value?


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