What Color helps you compare and find new colour combinations

When it comes to colors its hair pulling for many of us and its because we get confused which color combination will look good and if there is another variation of the same color.WhatColor is a website which makes this process simple for you by just typing in the color code in the URL itself.  Check the sample below :

What Color Tool

You can use short notation), extended notation, Find complimentary colors, analogous colors by using shortcuts in the URL itself. Below is the list of sample mentioned in the website :

Here you can save a list of your favorite colors.

  http://whatcolor.heroku.com/cdc (short notation)
  http://whatcolor.heroku.com/ccddcc (extended notation)
  http://whatcolor.heroku.com/009246/fff/ce2b46 (italian flag)
  http://whatcolor.heroku.com/c/00f (complementary colors)
  http://whatcolor.heroku.com/c/00f/3 (triad colors)
  http://whatcolor.heroku.com/a/00f (analogous colors)
  http://whatcolor.heroku.com/a/00f/5 (5 analogous colors)
  http://whatcolor.heroku.com/random (guess?)

The only problem is to find the color code for which you can use tools like

There is limit of 20 colors which you can use in the URL so I would suggest you to save them as pallets using the Color Browser


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