What Happened to Technospot.net

Last week we had a major issue. This blog lost everything including the database, leaving us with absolutely nothing. It was a time of crisis as there was no backup either. Some of you might ask why , well its a long story which I would tell soon.

But there is a good news. Even though we lost everything we were able to recover around 70 % of the posts as of today. We have recreated each of them with the exact URL using some techniques. Details will be shared so in case somebody gets into the same problem.

We are seeing fluctuation is traffic and will have to wait for some more time to get it back to normal. In process of recreation some posts got into the feed which is not the case now. All we can say is bear with us for some more days so it can back to where we started from.

Apart from this we would like to ask you suggestion if we should contact Google about this. Any suggestions and tips will be really useful.


  1. Where do you get your blog hosted? We at hotbrains offer all our clients a backup & restore feature where in they can get all their data back in case of any database problems, hacking or any other issues. This is the very reason i always recommend people to go for a hosting company which supports regular backups feature.

    Secondly i guess if you are getting all the content back from the search engine indexed pages you would still lose all your comments, post ratings, post view stats and this data is very important for bloggers because you can get a idea which posts were ranking well, which had good number of comments etc.

    This is another reason why online backups, wordpress backup plugins are very important. Do let me know if you need any help in case of wordpress and i will be happy to help you out because i feel it took you a long time to recover back all the stuff.

  2. Thanks Amit,

    Yes I do understand I wont get back comments but we are trying to get it back too. We will have to start reposting everything with same frequency.

    Moreover I had talked to my Hosting clearly. backup did not happen because of some bug but now its working

  3. I was wondering what happened with theme showing default and RSS feed bombarded with loads of old posts. Got the idea you were in proces of rebuilding.

    Anyway, would like to know in detail – how did this all happen? Probably a post coming from you in this regard!

    Also, don’t you backup database locally on your computer?

  4. I’ll suggest that you install WP-DBManager. It can take DB backups every night(you can set the interval, even hourly) & store them on your server. You can also set it to email you the backup file everytime which comes pretty handy in case the server crashes or file system gets corrupt. You can setup an email forward on your domain easily & have the backup sent to that email forward. Then have that email forward send all the emails coming to it to 2-3 different email services like Gmail, Yahoo etc. so you will have backup in more than one place. Once in a while you can clean up old backup files from these email accounts.

    Best of luck in getting your stuff back! 🙂


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