What is 3D Password Scheme

Secure authentication scheme is one of the most important requirements of current times, considering the fact that more and more activities are being online, let it be shopping, data access from clouds, etc. No doubt there are several authentication schemes already available and being used worldwide, however these pre-existing password and authentication schemes have several vulnerabilities.

Drawbacks for Pre-existing Password Mechanisms

Summarily, textual passwords are guessable; drawback of applying biometrics is its intrusiveness upon a user’s personal characteristic, Smart Cards and Tokens can be stolen and duplicated as well for illegal use, weakness of Graphical Passwords is that the server needs to store the seeds of the portfolio images of each user in plain text. Also, the process of selecting a set of pictures from the picture database can be tedious and time consuming for the user.

3D Password Scheme

The fact that vulnerabilities exist in pre-existing password schemes, researchers are thinking of a password and authentication scheme, which is more efficient in terms of security, the paper “Three-Dimensional Password for More Secure Authentication” (by  Fawaz A. Alsulaiman and Abdulmotaleb El Saddik, Senior Member, IEEE) is helpful in getting the insight about this mechanism.

The paper also talks in-depth about several related topics, like the vulnerabilities in the current authentication schemes, the concept of 3D password scheme, its components, etc.

Basically a 3D Interactive environment is created, now the way user interacts with any element or object at particular co-ordinate, in this 3D environment, this way of interaction is recorded and becomes a part of his password, now any number of such interactions can be recorded.

This interaction could be, a textual password being entered on a system in 3D environment, or may be even the walking pattern of the user, all this is the choice of developer.

Here is a video which describes the 3D Password Mechanism pretty well.

If are interested in knowing more about the 3D Password schemes, you can download the above mentioned research paper here.


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