What is the advantage of the Splash Screen in Office 2010

Office 2010 has changed in many ways right from interface and adaptation to the way we actually work in real Office environment. One of the features which you would see is the loading splash screen which popups whenever you open any of the Microsoft Office 2010 applications.

Office 2010 Splash Screen
Office 2010 Splash Screen

When I showed the Technical Preview of Office 2010 to many of my friends, they smiled seeing the splash screen but were also curious to know why it is there? And here are couple of reasons why:

  • As it loads it shows you all your plugins and add-ons getting loaded one by one. This gives you a clear idea on the progress and do not get frustrated about it.
  • While loading if any of the add-ons or plugins give any issues like compatibility etc., loading screen does the magic and gives you an option to you do disable it.
  • Office 2010 gives you an option to close it before even the load completes.  This is useful many a times when all of a sudden you get an emergency call and you cannot wait to open and then close a large file. Use it!!

This gives you three more reasons to buy office 2010 and start giving a try to see what more it has for you and keep giving feedback fore the same.


  1. You’re actually supposed to close it before it finishes loading? I’ve always heard that if you do that, libraries and other stuff can be left in RAM and take up unnecessary space.

  2. The splash screen sucks! The only thing it does is to make office feel a lot heavier than before. Get the feeling of starting photoshop or cubase when I only open a document. Good for Microsoft that they made it possible to disable the splash screen in most of their new 2010 softwares. Miss the function in outlook however.


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