What to look for in a Digital Camera

Canon A580 Front Looks

Digital Photography is one the most common and fascinating art.Everybody wants a camera, but then when we go to buy, we have no idea of “what should be the criteria?”.I went out on the discussion with my friends 2 days back, who went through a lot of magazines to get the right idea.So here the post which can tell you what to look for.

What to Look For in digital camera when you buy next ?

  • Mexapixels: If you are a professional or you need an excellent quality of output don’t go below 5 mega pixels or may be higher.
  • Optical Zoom: If you are a hobby photographer 3x will be more than enough but if you are going outdoor shooting, and you want to have treasured memories with quality, get a 12x.
  • Memory Options: Flash memories are cheaper these days, and it’s getting cheaper every day, so don’t lure into buying a cheaper one.1 GB will be the best buy, you can store around 200 photographs with it. Check the reliability of the card and get the market review for it.
  • Macro Mode: With this made on your camera you can capture fantastic photographs of objects like flowers and closer objects.
  • Rechargeable Lihium-ion Batteries: Avoid camera, which asks you, to buy new batteries every time. When you are on the move its easy to find a power point rather than getting new batteries. So get camera which have a long battery life (Lithium-ion) and you can recharge them easy.
  • Indoors and Outdoors: If you are shooting indoor, then you need to have a decent flash and if you are shooting outdoors get a 12x optical zoom. Don’t compromise its one time investment.
  • Connectivity Options: These days connecting with computers are the best option. Get a camera which can connect to your system via USB. These will not only help you with data transfer but you can store it temporary anywhere. And as time changes WI-FI will be the next option.
  • Extra Options: Look for something better always. Multiple exposure settings, appropriate shutter speed, white balance options and others.

So what do you think? You have some more ideas ? Then share it. Maybe you can add here, and other can get benefit out of it. You have one ?


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