What to look for in your 3G Mobile Phones

There are number of 3G enabled phones available in market but we cannot use the parameters that are utilized for purchasing normal GSM phones as 3G technology is different and far more advanced Mind it GSM phones will not be able to take advantage of 3G network due to difference in implementation of technology.  You can grab 3G phones which can Android Based, BlackBerry or even Window Phone 7.


Here are some tips that can be used while selecting a 3G Mobile:-

  1. Screen: Since 3G technology enables video streaming, there is no point in choosing a small screen phone anymore.Its more sense to invest in phones which have bigger screens with enough clarity.If possible look phone which can provide un-scratch able screens.
  2. Speakers: Video without a good quality of sound will be inadequate. So, if you are likely to use phone for video conferencing, choose powerful speaker phone checkup the speaker quality of the phone before buying.
  3. Memory: If you are going to use on-demand video services or lot of video music choose a phone which has either huge inbuilt memory or can be extended. With huge support for Multimedia, Data transfer and Video Conferencing its a must.
  4. Camera: Choose one with dual camera which is must for video conferencing , even if you are interested in taking videos while on research or tour for you tube. Opt for a phone which has camera pixel of 3 or 4 or 5. Some phones like Nokia 6233 comes only with one camera, you might have to think a little there.
  5. Battery Life: You would be using 3G phones for watching videos, listening to music, downloading huge files from internet and what not.These requires a good support of battery which has more life. Most of the time you will be on run and you don’t want to run out of battery would you ?
  6. Software: Many phones supporting 3G technology are smart phones meaning they have their own operating system running inside them. Before making purchase make sure they support the application or any need of yours.Make sure to check the packaged software the come along with phones. Some of the smart phones are Nokia N and E series also Sony Ericsson m600i is one of them.

So next time you think of buying a 3G phone make sure you have the printout of this post along with you.!!! Good luck.

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