What’s new in uTorrent 3.0

uTorrent 3.0 ( still in Beta ) is enabled with power pack features like

  • Streaming Video and Audio.
  • Confirm Exit on Critical Seeder which allows you to speed up your uTorrent download by choosing only quality torrents.
  • User Ratings ( Pulse )
  • uTorrent DNA technology is into the core now.
  • Better and secure remote control allowing you to manage all your uTorrent Downloads virtually from any device having a browser.
  • Portable feature so you can carry uTorrent on a USB drive

Lets take a look into depth now.

Streaming in uTorrent :

Many a times it happens that after downloading a video or audio you find that it was either corrupt or incomplete. This is even more painful when you have downloaded 2-3 gb of data and at the end you get to know it is password protected. uTorrent now allows you to stream any torrent like this while your download continues.

uTorrent Streaming Preferences

To start streaming, first start downloading a torrent and if it’s a video or audio, you will get a button, which says “Stream”,  right next to where it is downloading it. Click on that it will ask you select file which should be streamed. This is not available in the Web Interface though

uTorrent How to Stream

What is good about this is you can download part of a torrent and stream another part, giving you a fair chance of selecting your next download. However depending on your speed and file size it might take sometime to make it ready. Most of the time you would see “Ready in X” number of hours, days or even week.

uTorrent Stream Preperation

You can select the player which will be picked up from your computer automatically or you can browse to select one. Also you will need to try the settings of Streaming peer timeout and streaming buffer size according to your internet speed to get perfect streaming. I would suggest you to increase the buffer size for smooth experience.

Streaming Peer Timeout is bit tricky. Like we know files are downloaded from different source which again are of different nature, some stay alive for days while some disappear in between. The data from one which disappear will have to be downloaded again for live streaming, so if you are limited on bandwidth keep the streaming peer timeout high.

The Playback option is removed from Utorrent 3 which I still see in uTorrent 2.2.1 and Streaming default player should take care of that.

Confirm Exit on Critical Seeder

This option appeared under Preferences > UI Settings and is not available for 2.2.1 version. Though I am not very sure of how exactly it works but this should take drop the seeders which are critical in nature.

User Ratings from the UI :

Now you can check and give ratings to any existing torrent which you plan to download or is downloading on your computer.  This appears when you select the torrent and can be sorted according to new, old, best and worst ratings. They call it Pulse.

uTorrent Rating Feature

UTorrent DNA in the Core Now

DNA Technology in uTorrent was previously available externally but is now in the core now. If you do now know, it accelerates by downloading in parallel from multiple sources and for a shorter period instead of using the same source for longer time. All you need to do is enable it and it will take care of the rest.

uTorrent DNAPortable uTorrent :

Sadly I don’t see this option available through Wizard Interface.  However it is easy to make uTorrent portable by copying some files. Follow the steps below :

  • Create  a new folder say, uTorrent.
  • Now copy the Utorrent exe into that folder. You can locate this by making a right-click on the shortcut and locate source button.
  • Now type in %AppData%uTorrent in your run command and copy settings.dat file into the uTorrent folder.
  • Now copy this to your USB and use it any where.
  • You can create download / upload folders inside and set in uTorrent settings so all your file progress stays on your USB.

Easy to use Web Interface :

Prior to 3.0,  Web Interface has more configurations like Guest Account, Blocking IP address or even changing the port. All this has been replaced by Security Question and all you need is username and password set in your uTorrent on your computer.

uTorrent Web UI

Drag and Drop to create Torrent :

Creating torrent from your computer is easy now. All you need is select a file and drop on the bottom left area which says Drop Files to Send. Add comments and click to grab the link and you are done.

Drop files to create torrent

To make use of all the above feature, download uTorrrent 3.0 Beta from here.


  1. The remote control over the web , the Web UI for uTorrent on Web also got included in this Stable release ? I am still using uTorrent Beta v3 (Build 25520) Shifted from Alpha on which we could control our torrents from Anywhere via web.utorrent.com .

    Also uTorrent for Android got released via which we can control uTorrent v3 on our PC using GPRS 🙂

  2. @Kuntal : This is not stable release but public beta but chances are they will make into final release. Previously web control was bit complex, now its lot easier.


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