Whats new in Windows Live Messenger 2009

With the latest update for Microsoft live products there is a major change in the looks and some features of Windows Live Messenger.

Whole Set of new icons :

All the icons of Windows Live Messenger has been changed with new glossy icons which looks good.

Windows Live Messenger Icon Set
Windows Live Messenger Icon Set

Lay out is more configurable :

Now you can select and sort contact list and group icon sizes separately. There is also a new features “Whats new ” which pulls up latest post from your contacts live space.

Windows Live Messenger : Lay out configuration
Windows Live Messenger : Lay out configuration

Change your  scene :

Now you can customize the Live messenger look and feel with more advanced options. There is no style button but there is a peel off availble which shows on right top. Clicking of which will give you whole set of new options.

Scene Configuration in Windows Live Messenger
Scene Configuration in Windows Live Messenger

Quick options on Hover :

Now you can skip right clicking because when you hover your mouse over a contact you see all the quick options like send mail, send sms etc right there.

Quick Options in Windows Live Messenger

Personalize your contacts

Now you can personalize contacts for example you can selectively mute off a contact now.

Personalizing Contacts in Windows Live Messenger
Personalizing Contacts in Windows Live Messenger

So what are you waiting for ? Just hit your live messenger and you would see the change being rolled out for you too.


  1. can anyone tell me how to shut down the useless WHAT’s New Bar in down area?, cuz if i wanna know something new, i go check. it takes up space an makes the messenger look smaller… help… please?

  2. Tyger,
    under the new layout options (tools, options, layout) there is a tick box that says “show the what’s new list”
    untick that box

  3. What’s New Problem
    When I updated to Version 2009, a person I do not know appeared in What’s New. I have searched contact list, hotmail, spaces, profile as suggested in Help. Is there a way to delete this person from the What’s New list short of just turning it off?

  4. Wow am I ever impressed that they wasted thier time building another pritty version of IM… sorry microsoft this is a silly reinvent of a perfectly good wheel. Nicer looking or not.. I can’t find a single new useful function.

  5. How do I get the old XP look back?
    I am on XP, and this new look is so childish…
    Pink light blue and green…. not quite suitable for my business laptop is it?

  6. The quick options showing “send e-mail” and stuff like that when you hover your mouse over the contacts are annoying the hell outa me. Everytime when I hover over the wrong person and I need to go to the person below that one, I need to move my mouse away completely and then try again.

    Is there a way to remove this uber annoying mouse over? cause it’s killing me, seriously. And I cant install an older version of WLM/MSN because when I do that I cant login without it saying “there is a new version of WLM, do you want to install it?”


    Sorry… But seriously, is there a way to remove this menu?

  7. I dumped the new Live right after realising that the option for sorting contacts by E-mail addresses has been removed – it’s the only way I’m able to usably sort my contacts! There is, though, a way to use the older versions of your choice. Download your suitable version from old version . After installing right-click on msnmsgr.exe, select Properties and make it run in compability mode under Windows 2000. It works well under XP, not sure about Vista and 7, but you can give it a try. I’m perfectly happy with my MSN Messenger 7.5 with Messenger Plus and probably never upgrade.


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