Where to find all troubleshooting tools in Windows ? No not in Control Panel

Whenever something goes wrong with your computer, most of the windows user hit the control panel  or type in some know apps name like Uninstall, System restore in Windows 7.  Though control panel design has improved but its overpopulated with lot of apps which might not make any sense to you at time of troubleshooting.

So coming back to topic, Where do you find all the tools in one place ? Its MSCONFIG.  Surprised, even I was. To launch this tool, type msconfig.exe in your run command or windows start menu.

System Configuration

MSconfig is one the oldest tool in windows which helps you in configuring Boot options and managing startup programs.It also has a very useful tab, Tools. This tab lists downs all the programs which are mostly related to troubleshooting.The best part is you can launch the tool right from there. It also gives you the exact path of the tool which can be used to create shortcuts of the programs.

Here is the list :

  • Action Center : Open the Action Center.
  • Change UAC Settings : Change User Account Control settings.
  • Command Prompt : Open a command prompt window.
  • Computer Management : View and configure system settings and components.
  • Event Viewer : View monitoring and troubleshooting messages.
  • Internet Optons : View Internet Properties.
  • Internet Protocol Configuration :  View and configure network address settings.
  • Performance Monitor : Monitor the performance of local or remote computers.
  • Programs : Launch, add or remove programs and Windows components.
  • Registry Editor : Make changes to the Windows registry.
  • Remote Assistance : Receive help from (or offer help to) a friend over the Internet.
  • Resource Monitor :  Monitor the performance and resource usage of the local computer.
  • System Infôrmation : View Advanced information about hardware and software settings.
  • System Properties : View basic information about your computer system settings.
  • System Restore : Restore your computer system to an earlier state.
  • Task Manager : View details about programs and processes running on your computer.
  • Windows Troubleshooting : Troubleshoot problems with your computer.


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