Which word to choose between these two ? Phras.In

Its a common problem to get doubts which word or phrase to use between two because there are many ways to saying the same thing. Though I love to write the way people can understand easily but even then a paragraph can be made even more beautiful by finding which word is more popular. Phras.in is helping people exactly to clear this type of doubt.

For example Aloha and Hello both mean same. One is bit stylish when it comes to internet chat but writing hello is more traditional and sounds more official types.  This tool compares any two given words according to popularity with details on definition, examples, dictionary meanings etc. to let you decide on your own.

Comapre popularity of similar words

What Phras.In is internally doing is find expressions and check out the number of web results to find the popularity. It also lists down the pages which use them to help you research even further. Check out Phras.in via Download Squad


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