Who is Him : People search made easy

The more Social Media site has grown the roots deeper into everybody’s life, Finding people over internet has become easier. if you are looking for your old classmate or lost friend sites like twitter, Facebook and YouTube is one of the best places to start with.

Who Is Him utilizes this part and is a people search enhancer which creates one click link to these sites to find people easily i.e. Search for Ashish Mohta on this site and you get links to search in You tube, twitter, Facebook etc making it easier to find me on 27 such sites.

To be noted, this site just facilitates search and doesnt find it actually for you. If you use this for Twitter it takes you to twitter Search, It just does a direct query to Twitter reducing just one step for you.

Also Who Is Him lets you create a Who is Him badge which you can put it on your web page to let people search for you easily over these 27 sites.

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