Find out the hosting info for any Website

Ever wanted to know the about the hosting of your favorite website or blog? Here is an online tool which can help you with this. WhoIsHostingThis is a simple online tool to find out the hosting service of any website.

It has simple interface, all you need to do is simply key in the domain name of any website, and find out the info.

WhoIsHostingThis online tool to know about the hosting of any Website or Blog

It provides you the information like –

  • Hosting.
  • IP Address .
  • Nameservers.
  • Links to visit the hosting service.
  • And some offers, like may be a discount coupon to the particular hosting etc.

So, if you too want to know, where the particular website is hosted, try this tool. @WhoIsHostingThis


  1. This looked interesting until I tried. Tried four websites that I know the answers to. It failed on all four. On two of them having given the wrong host it turns out the links given didn’t work either. On one of them it didn’t have a clue on anything and sent you to GoDaddy. On the last it got the hosting wrong completely and no links. For the idea 10/10 For the execution 0/10. You stand more luck with a pin, a blindfold and a list of hosting providers.

  2. @Fox, I tested it before making the post, and I got the results which were correct, maybe the service is not so perfect, let us hope the execution too gets a 10/10 soon 🙂

  3. @Fox, our service is not perfect – for example, you’ll get better results with mainstream hosting companies vs spam sites using shady Chinese hosts – but we’re improving the service all the time. Please feel free to send me the examples that don’t work so we can review them.

  4. dear frds . i have a photo of a girl with me . i need to know frm which site has it been forwarded or any were has tat picture published so tat i can get to that girl or find its source ?? please do help me as its matter of heart and love as i hav been cheated …. i want to find tat girl ,, the only thing i have is one picture of tat girl ..


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