Why and How using the Windows 7 Action center helps you troubleshooting pc issues

Any time there is a problem while using a windows application it results in not responding status  and you are asked to close or restart and also during this situation there is an error code generated also. This error code is something which a normal user cannot understand but Windows gives you an option to submit this report to Microsoft itself. So what happens next?

Basically all these error codes submitted by millions of people like you reach Microsoft where it gets analysed and depending on some priority a probable working solution and is actually send it back to you as an answer.  So where do you find it ?

I had seen in Windows 7 action center where the Flag pops up every time you have a task which is required to be completed by you. Like here is an example below :

Action center information

As you see I had an issue with google earth and it crashed for some reason and I did send the error information to the Microsoft and after a couple of days I did get a solution for this.

Solution provided by action center

So the basic idea is if you send these kind of error messages back to Microsoft servers there is a greater chance that if you have a common problem which actually has a solution, you would get a tip by Microsoft itself to solve it.

So next time you get an error message and you are asked to send it to Microsoft please do so. It might not solve all the problem but many of it can be solved quickly. Also make sure you do give a feedback using the same interface if the solution worked for you or not. You will add value for many of the users like you.

Also make sure you read on Windows 7 Performance and Information tools which helps you understanding computer issues one step ahead.


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