Why Google’s Plus One ( +1) doesn’t ring a bell for now

Google Launched a Facebook Like button,  +1, which in short will create recommendation for other users connected to your profile.  Danny Sullivan @ Search Engine Land has covered it in detail but as a summary +1 is a new button available for results shown in Google Search.  So if you like a search result,  you can click on +1d which will act as signal for your connections.

Plus 1 D Search Result

But that does not ring a bell. Why ?

How can anybody click on +1 by just looking at the result ?  The titles displayed doesn’t mean that the articles are good or what one is looking  for.

So for me to click on +1  button :

  • I need to open the result it new window
  • Find if the article fits
  • Go back to search result page and say, YES , +1

That’s too much of step and we all know how long an Internet users stays back if they need to do so much of extra stuff and specially when I am happy with what I have.

Danny Sullivan @ Search Engine Land also says +1 is not available for websites like Facebook Like Button is and without that IMO it will not work the way Google is planning to make it work.

I did ask Matt Cutts here and here on Twitter and hope to get some reply.

Would Love to know your thoughts.

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