Why is Internet Slow today for you ? Ask Internet Traffic Report

If you are facing slow internet today it might not be just that your Internet Service Provider is slow but it might be a global phenomenon where people around the world could be facing this issue. Today I found that internet is very slow for me. It happened to me both at home and office where I have different ISPs.

The first thing you need to do is check with your ISP if they can update or check this site which collects Internet Traffic report from various sources to build a report which gets update every few minutes.

For example I am seeing today that Internet is slow in Asia and North America with heavy packet loss i.e. 8% and 19% percent respectively.

Internet Traffic Report

So if you have a website which is hosted in US it might seem to be slow. You can also perform a tracert on your command prompt to see if you are seeing lot of stars or request time out or  check if the site looks down just for you or it’s happening for everybody.

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