Why Nero Kwik Media can be your One Stop Home Media Organizer

Nero Kwik Media is the brand new media organizer from Nero which lets you organize Music, Video and Images on your desktop. What makes this stand out when compared to other similar software, are :

  • Support for popular mobile devices like BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad ( Import Only ) etc.
  • The strong integration with Social Media Sites like Flickr, Facebook, YouTube etc.
  • Create Slideshows with power templates available on their website for free. You can even create slideshow from videos.
  • Includes Image Editing Software.
  • PlayList Support for iTunes and Media Player.
  • One click burn or upload
  • And if you register with them, you can buy and download nero software right from the app i.e. Nero App Store

Nero Kwik Media Organizer

Importing Images, videos and music from Mobile Devices :

Kwik Media automatically detects what kind of device you connect and lists them under devices. If you make the device available as Mass Storage media, it will read and analyze the data available.  Next you can click on the device to import with options to import what you want. You can change the location of import.

NKM Mobile Importer

If you want to sync your devices using Kwik Media, You will need to buy the Move it plugin for that but since most of us do have the software its not really necessary unless you decide to sync up everything using this software.

Supports uploading files to Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and Nero Community Site :

Select files and hit the publish/ burn button. This will take you the option page where you can change, edit names of files and make them ready to upload or burn. This is the best option because users get both options. Moreover you can burn your disk right from there without requiring any other software.

Now since media from all the devices are displayed in respective section i.e. Photo or Video, you don’t have to worry importing them to your computer first and then burn or upload. Nero pulls up automatically data from respective places or if you have imported it once that would make things even faster.

Nero Kwik Media Upload and Burn


Creating Slide Show from Images and Videos :

Recently I created a small video of my Son Anant for his birthday celebration which included his videos and images combined together. I used a third party software but now I really wish Kwik Media was there.

  • When you add videos you can control the length and part of the video that should be included
  • Zoom and Pan effect for Images.
  • Choose between Theme music or video music. Mix and Match for best output. You can even use your own music.
  • Edit Titles, Image Name and Edit it right from there.

Creating Slideshow from Images and Video NKM

Image Editing Software :

It includes an image editing software which is more than basic but then dont compare it with tools like Photoshop. The software allows you to

  • Enhance by changing : Auto Exposure, Auto Colour, Red Eye Removal.
  • Adjust Brightness, Back light, Straighten parameter, Colour temperature and saturation level.
  • And if you want use various photo effects like Sepia, Grayscale, Glow blur etc.
  • Rotate, Crop and one click Auto Enhance.
  • Apart from this it can read the EXIF Data, Run SlideShow and Large Preview when you hover over the thumbnails.

NKM Image Editing Software

Final Conclusion:

Overall Nero Kwik Media is an excellent one in all tool when it comes to your Video, Images and Music. You can edit them, burn them and share with your friends and family. The best part is how all the small components are connected to each other i.e. Edit an image before publishing, No requirement to trim a video before creating a slideshow and so on.

It is completely free and does most of the basic job you look into a media software. I would highly recommend you this software for such needs and since its free, giving  a try wont cost you anything to get personal satisfaction. Download from here

Includes Image Editing Software.


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