Why Steve Ballmer did not show anything of Windows Next Version in CES 2011

Twitter and Facebook Feed and everybody watching Steve Ballmer flooded complaints that Microsoft did not showcase anything about next version of Windows in CES 2011, also popularly coined as Windows 8 by many. I had watched the live feed myself and there are a couple of reasons I want to put down :

  • This could be defensive move. Showcasing something which is not complete  might backfire for Microsoft Itself if it has not reached an optimum level to be showcased.
  • Steve Ballmer has said before that Windows Next version is going to be the biggest risk which clearly points out that there are features or capability which needs time or it is possible that Windows Next version might have a lot of integration which needs time. I don’t we are looking for another OS which is just improved version of Windows 7.
  • Hardware Readiness : Window Vista Failed because of huge hardware jump from Windows XP. In CES, Microsoft clearly showcased that Windows 7 can run on ARM architecture and probably Windows 8 needs that kind of hardware for which people are not ready either.

IMO it was a good move not to showcase anything on next version of Windows right now and possibly next CES 2012 we might see more of Windows Next version.

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