Widely enhance the option menu on right click – with File Menu Tools

Before I start, lets us have a look at the options on the right click of any file or folder, and compare that with this image below.

Added options in File Menu tool

Added options in File Menu tool

Impressed??? So, this small application named as FileMenu Tools, when installed on your system, adds several new options, which make your working simple enough, and is free. Before we actually start I would recommend you to use it forever. Not promoting the product but the powerful options it has and you will see how easy it can make your life using computer.

Let us have a quick walkthrough of the in-built utilities of FileMenu Tools.

  • Synchronize Folders – Synchronize the contents of one folder with other, several options available for efficient sync.
Folder synchronization options

Folder synchronization options


  • Advanced Delete or Extended Delete – Deletes specific file types from a folder. The file types are specified with extensions, e.g. *.exe, will delete all the executable files from the specified folder can also be used to find the files.
Advanced Delete options

Advanced Delete options

  • Find And Replace – Finds and replace a text in all selected files. Regular expressions can also be used to specify the certain patterned non identical text.
  • Advanced Renamer – Renames all the selected elements by using some patterns.
  • Delete Locked File – Locked files, which are currently being used by some particular program, and don’t allow a user access, can also be deleted forcibly.
  • Delete and no move to Recycle Bin – the Shift-Delete operation
  • Change Icon – Change the icon assigned to the selected folder.
  • Run with Parameters – Run a program with parameters typed through a dialog box.
Run with different paramaters

Run with different paramaters

  • Command Line From Here – Open a command line window and go to selected folder.
Enhanced Command prompt options

Enhanced Command prompt options

  • Split File – Allows you to split files in part, for exploiting the file transfer services and storage devices with limited file size handling capabilities, by splitting them in small parts.
  • Join File Copy to – opposite of above, join the parts.
  • Move to – The cut and paste option.
  • Copy Name  and  Copy Path  – Set of Copy commands; choose the exact copy operation, Name or Path       
  • Copy Content – This is slightly confusing, here when you choose a folder and perform this operation, it copies the name of all the files present in folder (including the hidden files too), and when performed on file, copies the contents of file, this works fine with .txt files only.
  • Paste Clipboard
  • Attributes – Change or set the attributes for files, folders and subfolders.
Quick Attributes options

Quick Attributes options

  •  Change Time – Change the time of access, modify and creation on the files.
Advanced Change Time options

Advanced Change Time options

  • Size of Folders – Get the size of folder with the fine details of subfolders, and their share in folder size.
Advanced Folder Size options

Advanced Folder Size options

  • Shred Files – Permanently removes the files from Storage device, four different files to overwrite the memory, in order to make all the recovery options impossible.
Quickly Set options for sharing files and folders

Quickly Set options for shredding files and folders

  • Send to mail recipient – Send the selected file, via email as an attacment.

This was about the built-in utilities of FileMenu Tools, apart from this you can create the utilities for you. In order to do this you can choose the ‘Configure FileMenu Tools‘,  which is the first option in the bunch of FileMenu Tools.

Add custom utility Options

Add custom utility Options

As shown above, you can

  • Enable or disable particular utility option simply by unchecking or checking them.
  • A new command can be added, and properties can be defined in order to specify the program and its behavior etc.
  • Options can be brought up or down the list.
  • Separator can be added to group or ungroup the utilities.

I found this tool extremely helpful, a perfect utility, and the level of customizations it has is awesome, the only drawback I felt is, the menu enlarges a lot, if you don’t choose the options according to your requirement and disable the ones you don’t need. As it is just an addition to access your preexisting applications, in a quick and easy way, talking about its behavior on resources doesn’t make any sense, once loaded at the startup, it wouldn’t require any additional resources later.

Try this tool and have your say, hope you to like it. Download FileMenu Tools

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  1. Thank you… very good program, and an excellent review.

  2. Hi,
    silly question, but how do i get these options into my rightclick?

  3. @ Oscar, Its been long since I used this tool, still I think ‘Configure FileMenu Tools‘ is the option to add new items in menu, if you cant find it, do tell me, I will re-install it and then can tell you.

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