WiFi Key Recovery : Backup & Never forget WIFI Passwords on Android Phone

Here an app for Android Fans who always forget password to the network they connect to which was either not told them at all or they did once in a hurry and now when you wanted to connect back you don’t remember. Ah yes when you use do not remember password.

What is the App About ?

Wifi Password List AndroidWiFi Key Recovery  app for Android will never let you forget a WiFi password and name once you have connected it and it remembers them in a list which you have connected till now. So this means any network which your phone remembers, it can pull in all the details of that network into the app.  And now if you connect to any network, it will remember the password and name.

It also allows you to export the list of network along with password and type of network over Email or any other Android Sharing feature or to your SD Card.

How does the app work ?

In android the wi-fi passwords are stored in couple of files which change from device to device. For example /data/wifi/bcm_supp.conf  is one such location. Now the app just reads the data and displays it to you. Read more on this here

Suggestion :

Now what I would love to have in this app is option to connect me to any of the network using the password and ssid on the list. All I should be doing is a tap and it can scan the network and connect for me.   Another implementation can be is to change the color of the item in the list for which network is closer.

There is no option to delete any of the network from the list in case I want to hide it.

Import Feature is missing though it will be useless unless it can put it back into the network list on Android.

Next is to implement password protection so I can protect some of the listings but that will be like password for a password for which we do not have an end.


The app is available in marketplace, so you need to download it  and install it manually on your phone. This app needs super user permission which means needs a rooted android phone to work with.I tried this on my Nexus S running ICS and it worked just fine.



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