WikiReader: Carry the Wikipedia in your Pocket

Wikipedia is one of the sites I have visited most; readers of would have seen several citations of Wikipedia in my posts. Whenever I am in need of some information, Wikipedia seems to be the elixir.

Now, it has become damn simple to access the Wikipedia, and that too without any internet connection, all you need to do is, grab a WikiReader, a gadget which allows you to browse through Wikipedia pages (i.e. 3 million topics) offline.

It has 3 buttons, ‘Search’, allows you to search a topic, ‘History’, allows you to access the browsing history, and ‘Random’, button to see random topics and read about them, and also it has Touch Screen for Simple Navigation.

It doesn’t need any internet connection, in order to get the updates, you can either buy a new memory card, or you can download the updated Wikipedia on a memory card and insert it in your WikiReader.

WikiReader comes at an affordable price of $99, and the updated memory card costs $29 for two updates per year, plus taxes and shipping.

Definitely a very useful and handy gadget can be used for gift article for the curious bunch, ideal for kids. So go ahead and get one for you.

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