Will you buy a Google TV ?

Google TV finally has a home with a quick tour if you are interested to know about the product feature. After checking out the feature of Google TV, The first feeling I got was its a family desktop where nobody now needs to turn on a computer to search the internet or transfer photographs to computer and call every body to see it. With billions of people already stuck on TV being a couch potato, Internet might make them do some work with Internet integrated.

Google TV Works

There are two ways of getting Google TV. First is to buy a smart TV which Sony is bringing or buy a setup box developed by LG. Read more here

Google TV options

However I feel the story doesn’t end here. If we are bringing to the internet into the TV why not bring the mobile services also inside it. How about attending a home call on your tv instead of running to pickup the phone or how about doing a video call using Skype ?. In future we might need Skype at all but the Telecoms might roll out video conferencing on your normal phone and you can keep it connected to your TV itself.

There is lot more to come, am sure of it and now the questions goes to you. Will you buy a Google TV ? Take the Poll ( Twitter | Facebook | Direct)

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Check out Google TV Home Page.


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