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If you have already started using Windows 8, you must be well aware of the featured, if not, you can start from here.  So with windows 8 we have lot of features available and even though Windows 8 is ready for touch devices. it comes with lot of keyboard shortcuts you should be aware of to make the most of Windows 8.  This is necessary to to quickly access all the features.

My Favorite of all these shortcuts is Win + I which brings option screen for that app. So if you are on Start Screen Settings but if you are in Email, you get account related menus.

Windows 8 Charm Bar

Hot Corners ( Use your mouse also  )

  • Start Screen :  Lower-left corner
  • Quick Shortcuts : Lower-left corner  + Right Click. This will show Desktop, Run, Command Prompt etc.
  • Charm menu or Use the magnifier : Lower-right corner
  • Preview Open Windows  :     Upper-left corner + Click to select
  • Closes Open Windows from Preview : Upper-left corner  + Right Click + Close

Start Screen :

  • Windows Key : Start Screen
  • Win + Page Up = Move Start screen to left monitor
  • Win + Page Down = Move Start screen to right monitor

Charms Menu :

  • Win + C = Open Charms
  • Win + H = Share Charm
  • Win + I = Settings Charm
  • Win + K = Devices charm
  • Win + Q = Search charm
  • Win + F = Go to Files in Search charm (+Ctrl to find computers on a network)

Switching between Apps and Windows :

  • Win + G = Cycle through desktop gadgets
  • Win + J = Switch focus between snapped and larger apps
  • Win + V = Cycle through notifications (+Shift to go backward)
  • Win + W = Go to Settings in Search charm
  • Win + . ( period ) = Snap a metro app to the right (+Shift to snap to the left)
  • Win + Z = Open app bar

Others :

  • Win + L = Switch users (Lock computer if on a domain)
  • Win + O = Lock screen orientation
  • Win + P = Projection options
  • Win + X = Quick link power user commands (Opens Windows Mobility Center if present)

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