Windows 7 : Automatically dim the display screen [ Power Settings ]

Windows 7 has several awesome features, Ashish has already talked about windows 7 features many a times. I  recently came across this feature in Windows 7, and according to this you can set to dim the display after certain period of times (1 minute or above) while the system is idle. Different time interval can be set for while on ‘Plugged in’ and ‘On Batteries’ mode.

This feature can save lot of power in windows 7 and increase your battery performance. You can find it under the Change settings for plan, which can be accessed via Power Options.

Battery mode in  Windows Vista
Battery mode in Windows Vista
Windows 7 dim the display option
Windows 7 dim the display option
Windows 7 access plan settings
Windows 7 access plan settings

This is a new feature and probably for the first time ever, as shown in the snapshot above  was not there in Vista. So what do you think how useful this will be for power saving  your laptop battery while running on power mode on Windows 7 ?

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  1. Its’ not the computer that controls this; It’s the software. In this case Windows 7. I bet if you do an online search, you can find software to do this with any OS.

  2. Some program is controlling my display. I have my laptop set to turn off the display after 10 minutes, but it turns off after 1 minute. Where in the registry can I find the control for this? Or, how can I determine what program is hijacking my Win7 function? Thanks, Ron

  3. @Ron, I don’t think there is a way to find this out, however, you can try minimizing all the open Windows, like in case of media player playing some video, the display wont be affected even if left for a long time. So, may be minimizing the Windows can help you to find out the program behind this, do share with us if you come to know about a way out. All the best 🙂

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