Windows 7 has Scheduled Defragmentation

Many of us are using Windows 7 as their primary OS now, and no doubt it is an awesome OS. Recently I came across another awesome feature of this OS; it can’t be said unique as somebody told me that it was there in Windows Vista as well.

Windows 7 comes with auto defragmentation feature for the disks. Defragmentation is something we all know what it is and its use, if you don’t know about it as yet read here.

By default, Windows 7 defragments all the HDD partitions on a weekly basis, if you want to change this schedule you can right click on any partition of your HDD, go to ‘Properties’, and later click on the ‘Tools’ tab.

 Windows 7 auto disk defragment option

Later click on the ‘Defragment now..’ and the window which appears now has ‘Configure Schedule’ button on it, click on this button to re-schedule your auto defragmentation.

 auto defrag in windows 7 change schedule

Here you can choose to defragment your disks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, or if you have an old system, which is slow one and lacks in resources, you can remove the scheduled defragmentation option (uncheck the ‘Run on a Schedule’ option), and defragment it manually whenever you are not working on your computer.

Auto defragmentation definitely is a great option, at least as far as you have a large RAM and a fast processor.

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