Windows 7 lets you disable battery replacement warning with Service Pack 1

If you had always hated the Battery Replacement Sign either because of the bug Windows 7 Had on many laptops or your battery has drained out actually, Windows 7 Service Pack 1 now gives you an option to disable the warning.  Just click on the battery icon and you will see this new option where you can uncheck and get rid of this.

Your icon will be restored to the icon used for normal healthy battery. Remember this option just removes the warning and does not fix the battery problem if you have any.

Warn Battery Performance


  1. I am not to view the option which says “Warn me if battery need any replacement” where you asked to give tick mark.

  2. This came with Service Pack 1 which is not ye available to all. You might have to wait for another week to get Service Pack which comes via Windows Update. So turn it on and wait for sometime.


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