Windows 7 Printer management looks good

After getting my WiFi printer recently, I had played around with the Windows 7 Printer management tool which you can find in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools. I never got a chance to see it in Windows Vista but it looks super awesome when it comes to manage all your printers from one place.

Like you can see in the above image this gives you categorized status of your printer which is a necessary tool when you do have lot of printer or lot of printing work going on simultaneously. You can :

  • Find the print servers.
  • Drivers for all the printers.
  • Which of the printers are ready and which one are running with job.
  • Deployed Printers are those which are on dedicated server.

I had trouble finding all the pending jobs of my home printer and this was the right place to find it all.

You can see how well you can manage your printer with few clicks when it comes to sharing and deploying with group policy.  Try this feature and see how well you can manage your printers well with Windows 7.

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