Windows 7 : Private folders lets you share data with password

Windows 7 when combined with Pismo get’s an incredible feature of creating password protected folders ( *.pfo ) which they call as Private Folders.  It is just like any other folder to which you can add any folder and do any operation but not password protections just comes out of the box in Windows 7.

Updated :

To create a private folder, you need to make a right click, select new and then private folders

How to create private folder in windows 7

Windows 7 private folders

Here are the features which will interest you :

  • Password protection.
  • Mount visibility to owner or entire users group.
  • In case you make it available to entire user group, you get option to make it available as network drive.
  • Type of access  to users , Read or Read and Write

Private folders are just incredible way to share private data with set of people you want. This is what makes private folders rock. Its just not securing your data but also sharing data privately with others. You can download Pismo Private Folder from here


  1. I’ve been searching for this feature and cannot find it in windows 7. if someone could point me in the correct direction that would be great.

    Send me an email that would be even better. thanks

  2. @nathanael : To create a private folder, you need to make a right click, select new and then private folders. I missed mentioning in that post.

  3. @Ashish,
    I think this is not an inbuilt feature in Windows 7, are you sure on this? I couldnt find this in the right click menu nor the help section, also on the web. There is a free software called Private folders released by Microsoft.

  4. @Nirmal Yes I am aware of private folder by Microsoft, In fact after the comment made by @nathanael I found info on net but what surprises me is I don’t see it installed in my system. I checked all my Programs and uninstalled directory list but nothing.

    This menu was not availble when I was using Windows Vista. I also checked my article list but I didnt find if I blogged about it. I dont think I would have missed this being blogged. Any ideas ?

  5. that may be why. I will update and let you know if it shows up. it had to come stock with W7 since you cant validate to download it from microsoft.

    If we can find someone else using build 7100 and verify that it may come stock with the newer version. or it may be listen in the change log

  6. @nathanael : Looks like that. I started downloading Windows 7 a bit late and probably that’s why I have a later build. Lets see if somebody has 7100.

  7. @Ashish,

    Apart from 7000 and 7100, none of the builds were public, they were only leaked to torrents. I have installed the latest 7100 from MSDN and I cannot see any option of private folders.

  8. Kinda sucks since this was the main feature I was looking for. If you guys hear anything let me know.


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