Windows 7 Shell commands you should know

Today while looking around the registry I found a Windows Syntax which can be executed from the run prompt. It is shell:XXX where xxx is the short name of programs you can execute.  Here are few before I can dive into detail.

When dealing with Libraries, shell:Libraries will open Windows 7 default Document, Picture, Video and Music Library. If you want to access individually try shell commands from 2-5.

  1. shell:Libraries
  2. shell:MusicLibrary
  3. shell:VideosLibrary
  4. shell:DocumentsLibrary
  5. shell:PicturesLibrary

Few more which I found are useful :

  1. shell:User Pinned  : To quickly add or delete pinned programs
  2. shell:savedgames : Bulk delete all the saved games from here.
  3. shell:systemcertificates : Find all the installed certificates from here.
  4. shell:contacts : Contact list of logged in user.
  5. shell:sendto : Customize your send to context menu by directly adding folders, shortcuts etc here.
  6. shell:Cache : Opens the temporary folder.
  7. shell:profile : All the folders of your profile
  8. shell:cookies : Contains all your browser cookies.

I found all these accidentally when trying to find a registry hack for Send to Command and I landed up right here

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ explorer \ FolderDescriptions

This section of the registry lists all the short commands that can be used like I mentioned above. Also if you want to change the nice name you can do that by selecting any of the key, however I am not sure how it is going to effect other programs when they use the same.  If not change may be you can add it by copying the existing one and giving it some other name.

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