Aimersoft’s Windows 7 Video Converter Christmas Giveaway [ 5 Licenses ]

After I got my Sony Handy Cam, the most troublesome part was to get the MTS / m2ts format of the Handy cam to dvd or at least get it into AVI format which you can upload to Youtube.  My problem was solved with  Aimersoft’s Video Converter Ultimate which allowed me to convert from MTS to AVI in like 12 minutes. Orignal MTS / m2ts was like 1.2 Gb and after conversion the avi is 141MB

Mts to avi Aimersoft

Aimersoft’s Windows 7 Video Converter which is off course a purchasable software but is an ultimate solution as you can see below how much devices and format it supports.

Video converter format

Here is the list of features of this software :

  • Convert DVD/Video to Popular Video and HD Video
  • Import multiple DVD/ISO/IFO/Video files.
  • Support various multimedia devices
  • Powerful Video editing function
  • Split into multiple segments from one file
  • Merge/join multiple files to one file
  • Burn Video to DVD.
  • Check out the details here

Each license of this software costs you 60$ USD and we have managed to arrange for 5 such licenses for readers of Technospot and if you want to grab one for yourself tell us in comments which is format you convert to and where to do you transfer it to.

Here is an example :

I convert <audio/video/dvd> to <this format > and upload or transfer it to <device/online site >.

Fill in details in the angular brackets. Make sure you have a valid email id when leaving a comment.

Check out Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate

Winners List :

The contest for Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate was one of the best giveaways here and we picked up 5 lucky winners. Here are the names:

  • Yamil Gonzales
  • Ha14
  • Denis
  • Paf
  • FreeBieBoy

Thanks for your participation and we will send you the registration keys in few hours from now. Many congratulations and Thanks to webmaster of Aimersoft for arranging the giveaway.

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  1. I would like to work converting my avi to mkv which are smaller and still have a good video quality, and also I’m thinking of buying a new camera for new year so maybe this soft will do the trick for that too.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. format i prefer the zune format and converting of mp4 vdo files to wmv and flash to wmv and vice versa and i have pro version fast vdo converted for this till now pls count me in for this .

  3. Hi Ashish, thanks a lot for this nice giveaway. I usually convert dvd to mpeg4 (movie) and transfer it to pc. It would be nice to have a license for this software. Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi
    I use to convert movies to my sansa and for my windows mobile, this will be great for my sansa.

  5. I convert online video to mp3/avi and upload or transfer it to my Creative Zen X-Fi.

  6. I want to convertert to the .avi format for my psp. Thanks

  7. Hello, my name is Denis)
    Everyday I work with multimedia, usually I convert dvd with an interesting film to avi or mpeg and transfer it to my player where I watch films if working.

  8. Hi, I would like to win this as I want to convert my video DVD files into MP4 to transfer it to my ipod.Thanks.Regards

  9. I convert avi to mkv and upload or transfer it to usb

  10. Hi,,
    Nice tool..COunt me in.
    Best regards!

  11. I convert to and don’t upload to any site.

  12. I convert to mp4 and transfer it to .

  13. I convert video (avi, mpg etc.) to mp4 format and transfer it to my mobile.

    My previous comment was modified due to the use of brackets. I hope I am counted in.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. I used mp4 file format. A really companion in my windows 7 and for my phone.

    Thank you…

  15. Count me in please…

  16. i convert fron avi to 3gp and transfer it to my mobile

  17. convert it from avi to mp4 to reduce memory

  18. I can use this to convert video (avi) to MP4 to send it to my mobile phone.

    Thanks a lot for this giveaway. I really hope to win this as other converters I have tried did not work great.

  19. I convert video avi to mp4 and transfer it my archive…

  20. Hi,
    Thanks for this generous offer and congratulations !
    I’m interested because I convert ,,vob,, to ,,avi,, to reduce the size and put them on DVD .
    Best regards !

  21. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing, wish everyone good luck!

    Have been searching for an allround converter for different types of video format’s a quite long time. Particularly in make usual WMP and AVI into Quicktime format for personal stuff and also some small projekt’s on bloggs. The features this software have attached for example the burning function seems just perfect as it takes the program to a bit higher level and looks very practical for many tasks.
    I’m impressed!

    Merry Christmas

  22. Do not have a fixed conversion strategy. Generally I play with different formats and it is for personal use.

  23. this is a useful tool to convert for windows mobile

  24. I convert video (avi, mpeg flv,dvix.) to mp4 format and transfer it to my mobile.

    My previous comment was modified due to the use of brackets. I hope I am counted in.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

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