Windows 7 Wordpad and Paint Sync together

I was trying out today the new Windows 7 wordpad which has improved with ribbon menu support and also has integrated new MS Paint inside it. What was interesting is if you launch MS Paint right from Wordpad , an image area is created in Wordpad which you are editing in MS paint you just launched and they are in Sync.

Word 2009 and MS Paint sync in Windows 7

Word 2009 and MS Paint sync in Windows 7

Anything you draw in MS Paint you see the same getting reflected in Wordpad image area also. This is pretty cool for normal usage and quick image creation.

Update image to parent document in Wordpad Windows 7

Update image to parent document in Wordpad Windows 7

And there is something more which confused me more. If you click on Menu icon on top of ms paint, you would see first menu item as Update Document. This should be to sync changes between document and picture but its automatically doing it, So why do we need this ? Any clues ?

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  1. Mmmm nice feature. I’m gonna look it closer, maybe there is more new stuff in Win 7.
    Everything what i find out was just that it need less resources to run and if looking to rating system of win7 and vista, chepear notebook have more rating points on win7 than expensive one with vista 🙂

  2. Maybe the “Update document” menu is used for saving changes, made to the pic, but the sync, that is shown in the wordpad is like a “preview”… did you try closing the document without useing the “update document” function?

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