Windows 8 : How to bulk Reinstall Apps from Store on a new PC

Windows 8 has a heavy integration when it comes to syncing settings like Passwords, Personalization, Language, Browser, App preferences etc between multiple PC and tablets when they are trusted with your account. However, one thing you will notice is that it does not sync Apps itself i.e. If you install one app in one PC, there is no option to automatically download the same app to other PC. This means if you switch to a new PC, you will have reinstall everything again.

Personally I would have loved this kind of settings because app settings are already synced and automatic installation would have meant that the app is ready to use as soon as the installation completes. However, Windows 8 does allow you get this done using the App store itself so you can batch install apps.

  • Go to Windows Store and right click anywhere. If its a touch based device, you need to long press.
  • This will bring down a thick green bar which has an option which says “Your Apps”, select it.
  • This will then display list of apps which is not installed on “THIS PC”.
  • Next you can select all or few of them and hit the install button.

Windows 8 Apps not Installed on this PC


Find which Apps are installed on other PCs

Now the option which says, “Apps Not installed on this PC”,  also has other options i.e.

  • All Apps
  • Apps Installed on “Home-PC”
  • Apps Installed on “Surface”

Where Home-PC and Surface are the name of the PC you had provided when signing into it using your Microsoft Account. This helps you to find out which apps are installed on any other PC and then you can sort them by date or name.

What is missing ?

I would have loved it if there was an option which allowed to me to trigger a download of the same app which I was installing in current PC to any other PC of mine.  Moreover, the Web Version of Windows Store is missing as of now which can bring this functionality which Google’s play store has already in place.

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