Windows 8 Features as seen at #bldwin

Windows 8 was live previewed at the Build Event and below is a list of features which you will love to know but before that here is my view and just my view.

Windows 8 is the first step towards a unified user interface for all users who love and will use Windows. This is not just another desktop OS getting released but this is marking in history that end users will not have to worry about different devices, with different versions of apps and getting their data from one place to another.

Rather they need to just learn one interface, know one interface and use the same interface on their Mobile, Desktop, Tablets, Xbox and who know you might get this to Washing Machine!!

Microsoft did this opposite this time. They launched a Mobile OS and then ported it to Desktop, Tablets and Servers.  Windows Phone  wasn’t just about the phone, it was about the features, user interface and the same user interface everywhere it will be less of learning curve and more of productivity.

With so much of Metro, I wish it is named as Windows Metro, rather than Windows 8.

Below are some random Features of Windows 8 which I loved most and wanted to share with you all. ( Though I feel this is very much incomplete )

Update : If you want to install it, below is the video tutorial and you can download it from here

IE has grown up  to become a Desktop

Internet Explorer has grown to become a core feature of Windows now. Windows Desktop is completely rendered using the same engine which runs IE 10 and with kind of response we saw in the live preview, I could have never imagined that is an IE Engine.

Windows 8 Start Screen / Desktop

Windows 8 will have App Store :

If you want to try out a new software, Windows 8 App store will be right at your desktop. This will not only make sure you are downloading apps in secured way but also help Windows 7 Software to be made available here. So you can still use the same software as before.

Task Manager is simple now

Task manager just shows a list of apps which are running and all the other tabs like Processes etc are just hidden which makes handling of apps by even a novice end-user very easy.

Here is an expanded view

  • Disk Performance is now available under Performance Tab of Task Manager.
  • Networking Tab is merged under performance with details of all the network i.e. WiFi, Ethernet etc.
  • A new App History Tab which should be replacement to Applications Tab and should have changed because we have brand new App Store in Windows 8
  •  A new Details Tab.

Windows Task Manager Windows 8

People Hub and Social Media Integration  :

If you had used Windows Phone, you know what is People Hub for those who don’t, People Hub is a place where all the details of your online contacts right from status update to Photos can be seen without you going to Facebook or Twitter or signing to any other app.

Windows 8 had social integration built in the OS, in fact it has a Twitter Client ready to use.  If you want to share the files all you need is select and use the brand new bar, Share Charm,  to either email, share online or upload files to some place right from there.

Less of software and more of integration :

In my views you will see apps getting more integrated in Windows 8 and not just running alone.  For example if you have developed a Photo Sharing service, you should be able to hook your service into Windows 8 Sharing Feature and Windows 8 users will be able to use it.

In fact Windows 8 makes is possible for apps to talk with each other making it easy to get data in and out from one to another.

Windows Live now has a new meaning

Windows Live is an essential feature of Windows 8. I am not sure if you will be forced to use it but what is sure is that if you do use it, you will be able to utilize lot many features of Windows than before:

  • Seamless sync between Mobile and any other Desktop or Tablet. So you can login to any device with your live account and see the same data everywhere without configuring anything extra.
  • If you connect Windows Live with Twitter, Facebook, Flickr for example, you will be able to see all your Photos, Status Update etc without going there ever.
  • Take advantage of Skydrive which is very like Dropbox, so you can have your files synced all over.

Ready for Tablets :

Same Windows 8 which you run on Desktop can be used on Tablets and use the awesome touch experience. In fact a Samsung Tablet was showcased how much smooth the experience was.

Few Random Features :

  • Windows 8 Boots in less than 8 second with it’s connected standby feature.
  • Supports ISO and VHD files
  • Windows 8 Copy feature is much  enhanced and looks to have learnt from other software like Robotcopy, Terra Copy etc.

In fact, Blue Screen of Death is also improved :

Windows 8 BSOD

Few more resources Worth reading on Windows 8 :

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