Windows 8 : How to make IE (Desktop Mode) as secure as IE App

IE 10 App on Windows 8 is pretty limited when it comes to plugin and other access like downloads etc. The primary reason is the Enhanced Protection mode which is enabled by default which makes sure that no website or plug-ins can access data on your computer without permission or using any backdoor. This is the primary reason why you might see some version of flash and advertisement not working in the app mode.

Looking at the limitations, I am sure many Windows 8 user will switch to Desktop Mode of IE and will also make it was default launch from the start menu. This puts a question mark on the security, but luckily the IE team has made it possible for you to bring in the same kind of security as in the App and still make sure of the browser at most of the places.

Steps to enable Protection :

  • Launch IE in Desktop Mode.
  • Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Browsing
  • Look for an option which says Enable Enhanced Security Protection, Check and restart your computer.

IE 10 Desktop Enhanced Protection Mode


Once computer restarts, IE 10 desktop mode will have the same kind of protection. It will disable any plug in which does not follow the rule and any plugin that tries to run off  websites you visit will be disabled.

So now what if you visit a website which you trust and want to run something like Flash. IE will warn you about it on the first hand, and you can disable the protection mode for that particular websites and use it along with protection mode.

Since the protection mode makes sure that your files are not accessed without your permission, some users might think that if they will be prompted every time they want to upload. The answer to this question is NO.  Even though, IE 10 grants one time permission to any website which asks for file access, it does not prompt the user every time, making the whole process seamless.

Concluding, IE is not only fast to browse on Windows 8, it comes with security features, which will make sure to keep your data off the intruders.

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