Windows 8 : How to Manage and Control Notifications

Notifications on Windows 8 are now a decent, and the non-intrusive way to let you know something has happened which could be a background service which stopped, a new email or where there are more options for apps for a particular files type. Now being available as a core feature it can also be utilized my Apps also, and as App will be core for Windows 8, as you use more apps, you will have more notification.

So sooner or later, you will get into a situation where you need to control it, and Windows 8 has the control feature built right into the PC Settings.

Types of Notification in Windows 8 :

  • Toast Notifications : This you will view on the top left of the screen.
  • Tile notification or Live Tiles : A tile back side can update with the info you have set up.
  • Badge Notification  : Apps can have a small count or something on similar lines you tell if you have a new email, store can tell you about count of apps that need an update.

Windows 8 Notifications


Basic Level of Notification Control

Control How long a notification stays up :

Default notification up time is for 5 seconds, but if you feel you need it to stay up a bit more, you can choose between 5, 7, 15, 30 second and even more up to 5 minutes. Go to PC Settings > Ease Of Access  and you can select Notification Time and also the thickness.

Ease Of Access Notification Controls in Windows 8

Temporary Disable Notification :

In case you are busy in a meeting or watching a movie and do not want anything else to disturb you, it is possible to keep off the notifications for a while.

  • Hit WIN Key + I
  • Click on Notification and select how long notifications will be hidden

Temporary Disable Notifications on Windows 8

Controlling apps who can send you notifications :

Go to PC Settings > Notifications and This will list you which apps can show you notifications. Turn notifications off for the apps with which you do not interact a lot.

Turning Notifications Off :

This is the last resort you will like to take, but when there is nothing else, use this nuke option. You can turn them completely off, turn only sound off and also control if the notifications will show up on lock screen or not.

Similar way, if you do not want any of the tiles to send notification or update itself, select a Live Tile and choose Turn Off Live Tile from the Menu Bar.

Turn of Notification and App level controls

Advance Level of Toast Notification Control :

For all the notification controls mentioned below, you will need to have admin control and use Group Policy Editor ( GPEDIT.MSC). So launch it and navigate to User configuration >  Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar

Notification Centre Global Control in Windows 8

Turn off Notifications for Network Usage :  Most of us stay connected over WIFI and since many of these broadband connections are metered or have a data cap, Windows 8 can send notification for those network usage. You can disable

Clear History of Tile Notification on exit :  Though not recommended because you will never be able to trace back notifications when you get back to your computer after a restart, but if you want, you can enable this to have a cleaner notification centre.

 Apart from this you can : 

  1. Turn Off Toast Notification on the Lock Screen
  2. Turn Off tile notification
  3. Turn of Toast Notification

Summary :  At the end, its all up to you and totally depend on your personal choice. Its always good to know where you can control  them but turning them completely off will make you forget this forever.

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