Windows 8 : How to remove password reveal button

Starting Windows 8, a password reveal button has been introduced which allows you to view already typed in password or if you have typed in and want to see it again in case of doubt. This button is integrated everywhere in Windows 8 including the browser.

Now, though useful but sometimes it can result in somebody else viewing your password as the feature appears on any  password entry text box. Luckily, this feature can be disabled by a Windows Administrator for every Windows user account on a computer.

Steps to disable Password Reveal Button :

Step 1: Type in Group Policy Editor on Windows 8 Start Screen and it should appear under settings section.

Step 2 : Navigate to Local Computer Policy > User configuration >  Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Credential User Interface

Step 3 : Enable the configuration which says “Do Not display the password reveal button”.


Disable Password Reveal Button


Once done, this will immediately stop displaying the button after a user has typed in his password in the password field anywhere. If you keep the settings as Not Configured or Disabled the password button will appear in all  Windows components and applications that use the Windows system controls, including Internet Explorer.

Is the Password Reveal Button always available ?

Lets break a myth here. This button does not become available if you have used password manager automatically fill the password or if you have left your computer without hitting the enter button to sign in.

The button only after the first pause you make when typing in the password field and disappears permanently if you have left that field by either using TAB or clicked your mouse elsewhere.  To make it appear again, you will need to refresh the sign in page again, and type in the password field to make it appear.

Summary : This doesn’t make your password fall into wrong hand but only a feature which is pretty much secure and only works as long as you are on the password field. So chances are pretty less that somebody else will see your password from the text box, but its always a good idea to disable it, if you find it disturbing.


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