Windows 8 : How to reset Start Screen and Block software to Pin to Start Screen

Whenever you install a new software or app on Windows 8, the application gets auto pinned to start menu to let you know that its there and you have just installed it.

Now for Windows Store App this behaviour is still ok because they support live tiles and are in line with the look and feel of Windows 8, but desktop applications which create the traditional Windows Shortcuts look very odd when they get pinned on the Start Menu. Even though many desktop apps for Windows 8 do give you an opt out option but they are rare.

So today we are introducing you to another desktop application which can block this kind of behaviour so none of the apps or desktop software pin themselves to start menu.

AutoPin Controller can temporary disable the auto pinning behaviour on demand. This comes in very handy when you are setting up your Windows 8 for the first time and you have lot of software and apps to install. It can not only block but also save lot of time you will spend on selecting and uninstalling the apps from start screen.

Auto Pin Controller

Bulk Delete Pinned Tiles :

Now I am sure that if you came searching here, there are lot of programs already pinned, so here is how you can mass delete them in one shot. Use the Reset the Start Screen option to bring back the default start screen with all the default live tiles. This will remove anything else which was already existing and you will get a fresh new start screen.

Make sure to either remember this app or just have it pinned to start screen, so you can launch it just before you are about to install this application. Download AutoPin Controller


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