Windows 8 : How to turn off Skype & Live Messenger Notifications

Recently when I installed Skype for Windows 8, it merged Windows Live messenger account when I chose to opt in. What was good that it was one messenger service less, but it also resulted in lot of notifications as Facebook, Skype and Live Messenger all are in one place.

What really disappointed me is that there is no direct way to remove this association from either Skype or Microsoft Account, even though Skype lists my account to be connected with Microsoft account but there is no option to unlink it. Probably that’s why they called it merge and the biggest strategy to move billions of live messenger to Skype!!

Skype Windows Live Messenger Integration


How do you control the Notifications ?

Now for Skype there are two types app available. One is the Windows Store App which runs nicely in the background and is the only option for Windows RT / Surface Users while Windows 8 pro users do have option to install the desktop version of Skype. The worst part is that I don’t see an option to sign-out from the Skype App of Windows 8. So, lets take a close look on how you can control the notifications part.

Skype App from Windows Store :

Turn Notifications Off Or Disable Skype running in the background are the only two options to minimize amount of ping you can get from Live Messenger as Skype App as of now does not allow you to filter right now. To reach settings, Move your mouse to top right or swipe left to bring up the charms menu and select Settings Icon.

Skype App Settings for Windows 8

Skype Desktop App :

Desktop App has an option where you can sign in using Skype or Microsoft Account or Facebook Account which in turn means that if you use Skype Account alone, it does not show Messenger contacts which is nicer for many who did not wanted to merge these. I am guessing this may or may not change in future but if it stays, it will be a great hack.

Skype Live Messenger Signin

However, when you signin with Messenger, it displays some of your Skype Contacts also which are connected to each other using the same account. The Desktop app also has option to turn of notifications.

How does this migration impacts many other aspects :

Windows Phone 7.5 / 7.8 : WLM Is integrated in Windows Phone, so what will happen to this. Lucikily Brain Hall answered in the official post comments saying :

@Gurtej that will keep working for anyone that you have as a Messenger contact, in the Messaging app. As you move forward hopefully over time to Windows Phone 8 and beyond, Skype is amazing with it (and always on, in the background)

To another comment from @Sahid, “Will Messenger be removed from Threads, or will it ‘just work’ and function as though it’s going through Skype?”, He said that  threads will keep working as you use them today.

Remote Assistance : WLM had remote assistance feature built in which helped many parents to get help from their kids living apart. This is missing in Skype..

Third Party Services: WLM protocol was used in many third party apps, will those break ?

Conclusion :

Now that all the WLM users are moving to Skype, The User Interface needs a redo to add more additional options to get some real control over many aspects for users who would like to keep personal and business parts apart. However the biggest advantage of using Skype is all the goodies of Skype like Video Calling,

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