Windows 8 Lock / Login Screen for Windows 7

Windows 8 has a complete revamped lock screen which not only makes it beautiful with a custom background but also brings the notification system like email, music play etc and hopefully custom notification will come soon.

Now I am assuming many of you might not migrate to Windows 8 so early because apps wont be metro based but if you would like to have the lock screen for your Windows 7 Machine then here are a couple of Options.

Windows 8 Lock by  YEKMYK 

He created a custom application which when run through a windows shortcut, control + L ( Not Win + L ) will lock your screen and display exactly like windows 8 lock but limited functionally. Apart from lock, you can change the background image but then that’s it.

As of now it does not support password lock but i am sure looking at users feedback, it will have many more features. Download from here

Windows 8 Lock Screen for Windows 7

Win Lock 

This application fills the password gap which previous one had. It’s a complete package where you can change wallpaper, launch it at windows startup, use a custom name and add a password.  Since it does not uses the windows password, I will suggest you to remove password from your user account and use this app to lock down your system.

Using this is very easy, once you install the application it goes and sits in your system tray, bring it to front and use settings to bring the menu options.  You have option to change all settings here like I mentioned above.

Download from here | Via Nirmal . The only thing I did not like about this app is the huge size of 33 MB.


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