How to Change Country or Region in Microsoft Store

Windows Store picks up your location to filter and shows apps, which makes sense for most users. A power user might be interested in knowing what apps are coming out in other countries, especially the UK & US.  You can use the online version of Microsoft Store to search for apps you want to install quickly. In this post, we will learn how to change Country or Region in the Microsoft Store and revert.

How to Change Country or Region in Microsoft Store

Why Change Region in Microsoft Store

Changing country or region in Microsoft Store and system-wide in Windows can have some benefits, like exploring apps and subscriptions that are not available in your country or are offered at a different price. This also allows you to compare the deals and apps across different regions to make the best possible choice.

Changing the region or country in Windows can also affect your system. For example, some apps (like Xbox) might not work correctly as they are strictly tied to your region, or other apps like Windows Co-pilot can have limited functionality. Other Windows settings, like Time, date and timezone, keyboard layout, currency, and other settings get affected too.

How to Change Country or Region in Microsoft Store

Before we proceed with the steps, please note that it’s possible that when you change, some of the services, like Xbox, will stop working as they are tied up firmly based on region. So, even if you change the Microsoft store region, it will not work.

  • Open Windows Settings by pressing the Windows+I Keys on your keyboard.
  • Open Time And Language from the left pane, then Language and Region.
  • In the Region section, expand the country list in the Country Or Region option.
  • Select your desired location and proceed. Changing Country Or Region In Windows Store

Now, restart your PC for the changes to take effect properly. Try opening the Windows store now; you will see the changes.

Can You Buy or Install Apps?

Installing the trial version works fine, but I am unsure if you can buy it. Microsoft Store, unlike others, does not restrict you from using the combination of your signed-in account and region. So you can see if it works or if you are directed to your own country based on your account.

Also, when it comes to buying a subscription or app, it will depend on your Microsoft Billing section. So make sure to change settings there as well. The method works best for free applications; you can even move the app to another storage.


This article taught us how to change Country or Region in the Microsoft Store. Repeat the same steps to revert to your original region and choose the country your Windows was configured with initially. Let us know if this helped you to change the country or region in the Microsoft Store.


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