Windows 8 Valentine’s Day Apps for the Committed Couples

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and its time you better plan it out either if you are looking for someone or hanging out with your partner on that day. Below are few Windows 8 Apps to get things done and have a good one.

99 Labels:  This app is perfect event based app which helps you find deals and online sales. So when the valentine is around expect fashion-wear, accessories, jewellery, lifestyle products, furniture etc that are up to 90% off label prices!!  Download from here

99 Labels on Windows 8


Music Apps: Love without music is pretty boring so here are couple of apps which will help you make your own playlist and keep them playing while you are on the move or just hanging around the living room.

Use Dhingana, Hungama, Raagaa, gaana, Jive HD to create your very own V Day playlist. Also log on to Romantic Shayari to get the latest Shayari to impress your other half.

If you feel like downloading music, FlyteMP3 app can help you get some legal music from Flipkart.

Download: Dhingana, HungamaJive HD (Music Streaming)

Movie Buffs: If you love to spend time watching movies instead of listening to music ? Either you can book movie using the PVR or Book My Show App or us the BigFlix to watch movie right on your PC or on your Xbox Console.

Download: BigFlix, BookMyShow, PVR

Feeling Hungry: Fun All the time ain’t fun at all because you need to eat and going out for a candle light dinner or the place you met first will be perfect. So here is a perfect app, Zomato which helps you find  places around you and locate favourite restaurant.

Zomato Windows 8 App

Download Zomato

Make your Own Drink: If you happen to have a bar at home, here is an app which can help you browse, find and discover cocktail recipes.  It can also help you identify cocktail that can be made from stuff in your bar.

Download Cocktail Flow  

Cocktail Windows 8 App


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