Windows : How to start search in any folder by just typing in

By default when you press a key ( For example alphabet A) , Windows Folder or the explorer takes you to the first item that starts with A, now if you type A again with a bit pause, it takes you to next item which starts with A.

Now if you think for a bit here, what you were doing is trying to find something which technically means you were searching. If this is done in a folder where you have tons of data you will prefer to choose search option of windows right ?

Windows Folders come with an option which gives you ability to launch the search as soon as you start typing i.e. whatever you type goes into the search box and you get the result instantly. To set this on

  • Go to any folder
  • Press Alt to bring the top menu.
  • Select Tools > Folder Options > View Tab
  • Scroll down till end and find an option which says When Typing in the List View
  • Select the option “Automatically type into search box”

Automatically Type in Search Box

Below is a video demo ( Direct YouTube Link )



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