Windows RT Jailbreak Tool : Run Desktop Software

We all know that Windows RT does not allow you to desktop applications or any executable files which makes sure that RT users can only apps which are installed using the Windows Store. Some of the developers found a hole at the kernel level which made sure that Windows RT user will be able to not only install Desktop Application but can also run it.

As a matter of fact, there is Jailbreak tool available at XDA forum which makes it easy. There are some bugs  using the tool but it has opened up a way to get this done. So what all can happen using this tool ?

  1. You might get lot of BSOD, though its pretty on Windows 8 now.
  2. You will have to run this tool after every reboot. Its not a permanent solution which means the OS does checks something on boot level everytime.
  3. There is some sort of compilation required to run the desktop tool, so if you are novice users its just not ready for you.
  4. There is a possibility that malicious app can be compiled and a viral activity can infect your computer. However this is gone when a reset happens.

So if you read all it means that the desktop apps has to be compiled, somebody has to port etc. Nevertheless we have the tool in place. So keep an eye.


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