Track and Get notified when a Windows Service stops

Many a times you might have seen error messages which says that particular service in Windows is not running and so the app you are trying to run will not work unless the concerned service goes up and if this happens often it becomes difficult to go and re run the service again and again. Any service can be run by using services.msc console in windows.

Another scenario is where you are developing an app and need to track certain set of service for it’s status and hence need to get notified about it and would love to re run it or get quick access to that service quickly.

Windows Service Monitor is one such software that makes this job for you lot easier. If you have been on Services.msc ever, its an ocean and bit complex for a regular admin user unless you live in it. This application :

  • Lets you see the names of the services easy and nice and since it only displays name, finding a service is much easier.
  • You can make a favorite list of service that you want to access quickly and monitor. Similar to your browser’s favorites.
  • Anytime any of the service goes down or changes  it status, it notifies by changing the color of the app icon in system tray
  • A simple right-click, lets you see the list of services and a click can change the status from stop to running.
Life for admins is so easy with this now unless you need to run them with parameters which can be done only using the task scheduler or command line options.

How to use this tool :

  • Download the software from here and install it. It will sit on your system tray when it completes.
  • Right click on the Green Icon and select configuration which will you give you list of service of which you can add as many possible to Watch List.
Service Configuration Watch List

  • Green means all services are running, yellow means some are running and green means all are down. This only notifies about one which are tracked.
  • This starts with your computer startup and if you see some services start only after a delay and you see yellow here, make sure to check if they are set for Delayed Start
If you want to use this over lot of windows machine you work on, you can use Cameyo the  to make it portable and sync with Dropbox to make the same settings available over every computer.


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