Windows should have “Create Theme” Option

We all install themes to make windows look more beautiful, comfortable and Personal. With Windows 7 personalization it became much easier for users to change themes, put wallpapers and even save any theme after customizing Windows but Users never got an Option which says “Create Theme”.

Why we should have this option:

  • With cheaper storage price we have everything in our hard drives which can be used to create a theme i.e. Wallpapers, tones, sounds files, screen savers etc. So if we do have option to create theme I can just pull of these parts and create theme just for me.
  • There are developers who create themes but that’s not an easy task. You need to take care of everything right from resolution to icons etc.
  • Download themes of such huge size takes lot of time and consumes lot of bandwidth.

So here is my version on what Windows Theme creator should have

Windows 7 Create theme
Windows 7 Create theme
  • A Wizard.
  • Allows me to select high resolution wallpaper and then re size for different resolution. At least let me select 3-4 resolution.
  • Allows me to select different drive icons, background images for explorer.
  • Sound scheme by using ring tones, music files we have on computer. If required an inbuilt converter which supports few formats.
  • Hooks for developers if they want to plug-in their own functionality.

I know I can change the existing theme but given this option, it will open lot of possibilities for developers also.  So what do you think ? Do you need a theme creator like this ?


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